Looking To Buy A Paypal VCC?


Buy VCC For Paypal? But Where?

I Want To Buy VCC For Paypal, But I Do Not Know Where?

So this is one question we receive on a regular basis is “Where do I buy vcc for paypal?” and it is not a rare one either. To be honest, it is more common then anything! Having multiple PayPal accounts is a must if you rely on them for your main processor. However, we do not recommend to use them as your main, but rather than an alternative. There are so many countless stories involving using Payal as their main processor only to discover a permanent limitation the next day. Sad part is that most of these users have lots of money trapped in there and on hold for 180 days. So my advice, stick with alternative processors and use Paypal sparingly.


Where To Buy Paypal VCC?

Lets dive into it shall we? So the main thing to do when scouting for Paypal VCC sellers is to do manual reviews on them. Do they have a history of selling VCC’s? Do they have satisfied customers? Testimonials? Complaints? Anything related to providing insight on the seller. Now you are thinking, Yes, there are testimonials, but how do I know they are from real customers. This is also a hard part since some can be fake testimonials and others can actually be real. My best advice, go with your instinct. If you feel shady business being performed or you have a hunch, go with it. Almost always your instincts are correct and will lead you to that one seller you feel comfortable with.

Buy VCC For Paypal With Paypal?

So this is really not unheard of as you can certainly buy a Paypal VCC using Paypal. Only thing would be if the seller accepts it through his or her terms. Some sellers do not accept PayPal for digital goods since it is so easy to file a dispute and attempt to recover the money and also keep the VCC. I wouldn’t be worried if you see they do not accept it once you have found a seller. Just send them a message if they do or don’t. If not, then go with whatever processor they have available at the time.

Buy VCC For Paypal Sellersbuy-vcc-for-paypal

Is there sellers we recommend? We can say a couple that have been very good to us over the years. I am not bias nor affiliated with them; however, I can vouch for their services and support. I will give you a couple that are my main stay. So my first supplier, I use openvcc.com

I do like them; however since Liberty Reserve was shut down, I cannot purchase from them. They have another processor which I never heard of, but sadly, they cannot process payments from US customers. So it is sad to see it go.

Since then, I was able to find another website that sprung up in the recent years. They go by the business name, Auction Essistance. This is a great website which I took a chance out upon first arriving, and to my surprise, they came through! This was also a good thing to since I was about to purchase from Lobbay. I have heard a lot about them (good and bad), but over time, they started to decline and more customers were angry at their service. So my advice is to stay far away from them.

That is pretty much it, if your looking to buy vcc for Paypal from sellers, make sure to do extensive reviews on them. You do not want to end up purchasing a Paypal VCC and end up not receiving it. Or worse case scenario, it ends up being a recycled VCC which was previously used on another account. Not good!

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